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Designing premium
chocolate shopping
for the new normal

Affected by covid restrictions and lockdowns KahKow needed to connect with their customers where they were, the internet.

UX Design

The need

Kah Kow is a one-stop shop for chocolate makers and chocolate lovers. It offers unique cacao bean profiles and cacao products such as liquor, nibs, butter, and powder.

Most of the sales for the brand were direct sales made in their physical store in Brooklyn, New York.

After covid, most stores were closed, creating the urgency for an e-commerce store where users could consume the brand.

The challenge

Kah Kow serves two different demographics with the different needs and purchasing behavior.

The store needs to make it easy for their clients to sort and search the +500 products types. The two archetypes of the client are the following:

The Chocolatier

The Chocolatier

The most profitable clients of the store are companies and individuals that make confectionery from chocolate.

They purchase the raw materials in bulk and use the finished chocolate products in the store to guide what they can accomplish.

The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur

Consumers with a sophisticated palate. They appreciate new and quality chocolate products.

Some of them with special needs like Kosher and dairy-free chocolate.

What chocolate is gluten Fr

Categories Taxonomy

Search is the most crucial section of the site, so we did a deep analysis of how we could categorize the products and how they related to the profiles of the users we had.
We discovered potential services or product categories that could expand the value for the customer.
Also, we identified elements that were missing from the current experience that were critical for the users.

Customer Centric

  • Alergenics
  • Diet (Vegan, Dairy free, Diabetics Friendly, etc)
  • Pet Friendly
  • Gift
  • On Sale
  • Occasional
  • Limited Collection
  • To make at home
  • Prize and Awards

Product Centric

  • Bean Origin
  • Inclusion (Nuts, Caramel, etc)
  • Weight
  • Chocolate Concentration (90%, 80%, etc)
  • Presentation (Bar, Drink, etc)
  • Raw Ingredient ( Beans, Nibs, etc)
  • Expiration Date
  • Denomination of Origin
  • Texture


We created a descriptive menu showing the categories depending on the customer and their use case to improve search.

Categories Navigation

In order to improve search with the information about categories we created a descriptive menu detailing the main criterias categories useful for the customer and their use case.

Color Palette

We decided to choose a pretty minimal palette to make the product photography the protagonist of every page.
The limited colours provide a more premium look to the brand. A risky move that paid off in the end.

Business Opportunities

Our research also showed business opportunities related to their niche that were not being used.

Color Design


The new design improved the sales on the site by 34%, and the average order size increased by 23% from their pre-pandemic sales.

The online shop also opened a digital channel for leads of the products for Chocolatiers and chocolate product companies.

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